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Herbal Products for a Healthier Life


Botanical Bear, established in 2021 has had a long history in the making. You could say that it started in my abuela's kitchen when I was a girl and she would use herbal teas and salves to make me and my brother feel better. Of course there was usually a healthy dose of Vicks as well.

My mother continued this tradition, passing on her inherited knowledge, when she would give us te de manzanilla (Chamomile tea) to calm our nerves and belly or arnica salve for bruises.


This cultural knowledge stimulated a curiosity in me that lead me to study eastern herbalism while in Japan for seven years and western herbalism in the USA and to share these gifts that are being forgotten as a way to bridge the gap between doing nothing and more extreme interventions like pharmaceuticals and surgery. 

Our commitment is to create herbal products in a sustainable manner never using plastics in packaging, constantly striving to remove plastic in the supply chain and donating a proceeds of the profits to community organizations and herbal education. 

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